Report on PPI financial issues by PPUK (2013-2014)


This report (ppi_uk_work_2013-14.pdf) was kindly prepared by Andy Halsall from Pirate Party UK within a few hours before the start of the 2014 PPI Conference in Paris.

It mainly describes the steps that were taken to resolve the financial issues at PPI and their outcome, from the point of view of the international team of Pirate Party UK.

This pad with with a summary of the issues and the steps that had to be taken is also of interest:


It may be also of interest to see some of the PPI Headquarters official documentation online:

And you can also find here a meeting minutes document ( ppi-hq_meeting_age_15_avril_2012_ppi.pdf ) together with a version of PPI-HQ by-laws ( by-lawsppi-hq_en_not_final_version.pdf ), although this was just a working version, not the final one.